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Trending Halloween Costumes 2020 – According to Google Search

It’s October and that means it’s time for Halloween, costumes, candy and trick or treating. Halloween will be a little different this year, with more masks and hand sanitizer, but just like years past, coming up with a costume idea is hard. So how do you find the perfect costume? – “Google it” of course. 

The search for “costumes” increases over 500% from September- October and of course has a sharp drop off after October 31st

Font Text specializes in digital marketing and SEO. Our services involve researching trending topics and keywords used in search engines. During the month of October, we love to use our hocus-pocus and focus on trending Halloween searches. Search terms like “Halloween costume ideas” and “best couples costume” other Halloween topics. With this data, we can tell you which costumes are popular, and what spooky activities are trending in America. One thing we can’t answer is “How old is TOO old for trick or treat?” – which is usually one of the trending Halloween questions.

Plan your Halloween costume and celebration with a little help from Google search data.

Scary, funny or sexy costume?

Halloween Costumes Search Engine trends
Google search engine optimization data for halloween

Choosing a costume is tough. First, you should choose if you want to be sexy, funny, scary or maybe you just want an easy costume. It looks like the sexy costume” searches are popular this year. Sexy or funny, it’s a tough decision.

The top 7 Halloween costumes of 2020 

1. Witch

2. Purge Costume

3. Dinosaur

4. Harly Quinn

5. Rabbit

6. Clown

7. Angel


Top Halloween costumes digital marketing

Ninja costumes, Spider-man costumes, and devil costumes also deserve an honorable mention. You can see the most popular costumes in the nation or locally using Google’s Frightgeist 

The Top 5 Couples Costumes of 2020

The search engine has spoken. And as for the couples’ costumes, it looks like the Disney costumes are popular this year.

1. Bonnie & Clyde

2. Beauty and the Beast

3. Forrest Gump and Jenny

4. Lilo and Stitch

5. Tarzan and Jane

Top 5 Halloween Questions

Everyone needs help during Halloween. Here are the top five questions the USA has asked Google about Halloween. It looks like trick-or-treat is most important. If you need the answer to any of these questions, the link will take you to the search engine results.

  1. When is trick or treat?
  2. What time does trick or treating start?
  3. How old is too old to trick or treat?
  4. What does trick or treat mean?
  5. Where to trick or treat near me

Fall is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the leaves and October weather. Here are some of the most popular Fall and Halloween activities.

Top Halloween Activites

It looks like this really depends on where you live, but we didn’t anticipate pumpkin patches being so popular. The pumpkin patch is the go-to activity for most of America. As expected we also see a rise in the search for scary movies.

Halloween activates according to search engine

Sorry if we scared you with the spiders!

Everyone at Font Text hopes you enjoyed this Halloween data. We hope you have a fun, healthy and happy Halloween!


Want to know more about how Google’s data can help your business? Don’t be afraid to contact us… we only offer treats and no tricks!


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